Customized Interactive Experiences

UXI stand for User Experience Interaction.

This business was born from the need that big companies have to communicate to a large pool of customers in an individualised way. UXI’s communication services – uDoc and uVideo – are part of an integrated proposal for brand communication.

We defined the brand verbal and visual identity considering the main focus for the brand – digital personalised communication, transforming each customer’s experience.


Many audiences. Many messages. Lots of touch-points. Lots of channels. Many means. Letters, invoices, newsletters, videos, photos, billboards, mupis, tag-lines, strap-lines, ads, posts, likes, tweets … Much content. Little relevance. Too much saturation. Everything so easy. Everything so difficult. These we the challenges that the brand was trying to solve.

Individualized, personalized and interactive communication. On a large scale. For many. For all. For each one.