Branding an high tech company

Our client needed to launch a new brand that affirmed its positioning in an extremely competitive market dominated by large global companies. The brand strategy was defined from the innovative business model, from where we subsequently developed the verbal identity, visual identity, communication touchpoints and brand activation.

To simplify the complexity of the business

The challenge was to create a brand whose communication would simplify the complexity of the business and its related topics: big data, machine learning, AI, cyber security, forecasting, etc.; develop a brand that would communicate effectively across all organizational levels of a company, from top management to operational actors; provide the customer's in-house design team with the tools needed to develop the brand’s future visual and verbal deployments and focus the brand on obtaining useful knowledge for decision making.


We defined the brand positioning, and its identity, around the idea that in order to transform data availability into a competitive advantage, companies need to capture data, analyse it, convert it into information, and deliver it to the people who can benefit from this knowledge, so that action can be taken on the benefit of the business.


The logo was built as a deconstructed circle, where the semi-circles illustrate the letters U and N, and the full circle represents the O. The result is a monogram that symbolizes the unity that the platform brings to a business.


The result was a brand that helps companies that have their systems brimming with data, delivering the right information to the right person, at the right time and at the right place. A digital platform where data that has been collected and analyzed, is converted into information and can be brought together as knowledge.


The elastic imagery allows the brand to communicate for different audiences and become recognisable for it.