MIA Portugal

It’s not about living longer. It’s about living healthier.

We were invited by University of Coimbra to create a new identity for MIA Portugal (Multidisciplinary Institute of Ageing), a center of excellence for ageing research.

The institute is keen on using wisdom to prevent, delay or reverse the ageing process.

We were thrilled to work with such a future driven brand, that will have a huge impact on people’s lives. Because, when it comes to ageing, it’s pretty much inevitable to feel empathy with the issue. We will all get there, someday, hopefully. That’s why we felt emotionally attached, from the first moment, to this project.

We live longer, but we don't necessarily live better.

So, what makes us age? What if we could age healthy? Can you imagine yourself at 70 or 80 years old feeling like your still 50?


The brand believes that the future is not something that comes along, but something we create. That’s why it’s willing to explore beyond the accepted limits.

MIA will promote projects that can yield major breakthroughs concerning the critical mechanisms of ageing and ageing related diseases. In order to achieve that it will bringing scientists, health ecosystem stakeholders, and business partners to work closer.


Old age shouldn’t be about loss, but about living life at its fullest and enjoying a lifetime of memories and labour. MIA will fight to discover new ways to preserve health and prevent age-related diseases.

In a nutshell MIA will add more quality of life to our ageing.


This idea of "adding” was our starting point:

The sum of researchers, scientists, and partners looking for a healthier society.

The fight for more autonomy, memories and capacity during the ageing process.

The generation of more knowledge in the field of ageing.

The strive to add more healthy years to human life.

We choose the Sigma - The letter of the Greek alphabet representing the addition.

    In addition to reading the “M” that is part of the institute's acronym, the logo illustrates the MIA's intentions to add quality of life to the elderly and to generate more and more knowledge and content on the subject, in a team that it also successively grows and integrates talent.        

The logocentric universe is intended to give a great prominence and graphic presence to MIA, through the combination of its elements.

The combination of a distinctive color palette with the selected typography allows the creation of layouts that can vary in the degree of sobriety and prominence, resulting in a contemporary set suitable to the innovative character of the project.

The opening session for the brand took place in Colégio da Trindade in Coimbra.

We developed the main event touch-points so that the brand launch could meet the expectations of the several international universities involved in the project.