Mamma & Papà

Who doesn’t like pizza? Now, put a bit of Portuguese soul on top of it. What could sound better? Pretty much nothing!

That was the goal of our clients' cuisine - to create delightful and tasty pizzas whit some Portuguese flavours and traditions. Struggling to make these two concepts go together in their communication, they chose us to start their branding process and define their communication strategy. For this project, we were asked to think and design the whole brand around these core values and cultures.


We started by creating a brand story that would simultaneously explain the concept and engage customers into the brand.

And that’s when Mr Tomato (the foundation of any Italian pizza) met Ms Onion (a very typical vegetable and season used in Portugal).


They met in a hot summer, with lots of laughter and a good mood. The rest of the story was a stew too vivid to be shared lightly.

That’s how the brand name was created.


We know it was a happy marriage, with surprising flavours! They built a family and everyone was a part of it - aunt mozzarella, the black pudding cousin and even the chorizo grandfather.


We built a brand story that would translate the traditional roots of the pizzas, but with its unconventional Portuguese twist.

From this point on, we knew that the brand language needed to be funny, young and not formal at all. We defined the brand tone and all its communication copywriting around a familiar and easy-going tone.


Regarding the brand’s visual language we knew we need to stand out in a very crowed food court, so we developed a simple and bold visual system inspired by Italian terrazzo ceramics. By joining the terrazzo textures with a bold yet welcoming colour palette, we ensured that the restaurant was easily spotted from across the venue.


The promotional communication was the place where we had the opportunity to show the friendly and familiar vibe of the brand.