Gig Club

A worldwide music club

Our client came to us with a brand new global business idea: A worldwide exclusive club for everyone who lives music at it’s heart, appreciates live music, wants to discover new bands and keep adding more live experiences to their lives.


Working from different cities across the world, for a small yearly fee, the brand will give its users access to free live gigs, secret gigs on secret locations, discounts on major concerts and serve as a curator for independent music.

We were asked to create the brand strategy and identity: set its tone, define its voice and tagline, write every single line of copywrite, define the visual identity system and design all the brand activation touchpoints.

We knew that this brand would be very personal. Serving as a curator of good music, live gigs and independent music, we wanted the brand to reach everyone on a personal level. But how? Everybody is different and music is never the same.

But where does jazz starts and soul ends?

It’s blurry and confusing! Nobody can say for sure what the influences that go through the artists’ body of work are. So the world started piling up words, trying to describe it. Post-electro-punk-rock. Latin-Dance-Pop. Afro-Reggae-Blues. We keep stacking, but it’s never enough. So new words arrived: Witch House is a music genre, and so is Intelligent Dance Pop.


The thing is, we are complex beings, hard to categorize and to understand.

It’s the age of the mashup and remix. It’s the age of finding ourselves.

And music is always trying to find itself. Each generation, each artist, brings a whole new layer to it. Whether they bring whole new references, or salvage old goodies, it’s a hoarding process.

And it should be like that. It should reinvent itself, like every single one of us.

We start as a clean slate, but we are slowly being imprinted with new layers of memories and acquaintances. It’s never-ending. Sometimes it’s not tidy, and hopefully it’s never minimal.


The brand universe we created - based on basic geometric shapes that translate the diversity of experiences that the brand offers - shows the richness of music as well as the complex journey of the human existence: always adding up new experiences, emotions and feelings, and therefore, new shapes.

This grid-based evolving system that starts minimal and keeps adding new layers, allows the brand to be easily and constantly creating new content while never losing its coherence across the different media.


Thank you for watching.