Faz-te ao Bife

A new shopping center restaurant chain

Our client came to us with a specific idea in mind. Had previously owned a shopping center italian restaurant chain, now he wanted to start another concept in a different food area - Steaks. Only steaks.


In the fast food sector, a paradigm shift has begun to take place among the major players. Growing interest in nutritional issues has made the brand timely - as it fills a gap in the food courts of shopping centers.

The brand's strategy begun with offering a familiar and recognized product, adding variety and quality, to appealing and affordable dishes - all alternatives offered are healthy and nutritious yet delicious food.

The name, "Faz-te ao Bife" (in english it would translate as "hit that" - making the pun on how it sound "eat that"), was chosen to reflect the upcoming and easy tone with which the brand wants to position itself.


As a well known portuguese idiomatic expression, the brand takes advantage of its strength, while exposing its offer. The name is also a call-to-action that invites the customer to take action.

The logo is based on the transformation of the name into an emoji. The simple idea illustrates the concept of the brand, and gives rise to easy, communicational and upcoming visual and written communication.


The brand concept continues to take place in the restaurant venue and all communication touchpoints.