Cais do Pescador

A statement to silence

We created a new brand for a new business model. Our client is in the real estate and construction business. A business sector that is growing hand in hand with tourism. The demand is essentially being made by investors. People who buy and use the properties in the short term rental market.

The majority of this investors is far from the specifics of such operations. All they want is a good return on investment. But all of a sudden they find themselves running an operation for which they don't have the skills and knowledge. Our client wanted to come up with a solutions that could solve this pain points.


When we started the project the name had already been chosen - Cais do Pescador (Fisherman’s Dock)- and the architectural project was already completed. This was our starting point.

During our research we interviewed the architect. He explained his concept for the building. His intention was to “fight the visual noise around the neighborhood”. We immediately realized that this was the insight we needed: silence. So we did start researching more about the concept of noise and silence.

Is it silence important to people, nowadays? Is it silence just the absence of noise? What can a fishermen tell us about silence?

We believe that, to truly appreciate life, we all need silence. So the brand should be an invitation to pause and reflect about the importance of silence. To invite people to appreciate it just like a fisherman would, silently gazing the horizon. And to discover the satisfaction that results from simple things.


The logo we designed is a purification and simplification of the concept. Above the elements, the sea, the difficulties of life and the noise, there is a safe place where we can find peace and serenity - the dock, represented by a straight and stable line.



Modern life has made our lives more full. But at the same time this made us uncomfortably “full”. “Too much” provoques anxiety and frustration. The secret of happiness is not found in seeking more, but in the ability to enjoy less. Less things, more happiness. The fishermen know this. They don’t own much, they live frugal lives. And yet they find beauty in simplicity.

So we take a stand to put essentials ahead of superfluous. We strive for minimalism. Uncomplicated. Simple. Raw.

Reducing all things to its essence. Because simplicity is about subtracting the unnecessary and adding the meaningful. The brand invites people to fill their lives with great moments and unforgettable stories, not things.