ALMA Engenharia


To work in the construction and engineering sector and, in particular, in the rehabilitation area is to deal with one of the most important investments that anyone makes in life: the purchase of the house.

Because it is such a special moment, each person is looking for a “perfect” home. The home of their dreams. A place that is often the projection of someone's personality and dreams. It is, therefore, normal for those who buy a house, or rehabilitate a house, to make sure that the space has personality and character.

A house with a soul - a home.

Alma is the portuguese word for soul.

We came up with the name to make the brand positioning more clear to everyone who had contact with the brand.


Moving on to a business project is a path made of dreams, uncertainty, risks and freedom! But above all, it is a decision in which reason and heart go hand in hand.


Knowledge, skills and experience are important ingredients, but the success of an entrepreneurial project depends essentially on the passion that its promoters pour into it. ALMA was a company built by three engineers united by experience, competence and dream.

The logo designed intends to represent this union. The line that draws two houses joins and creates a third house.


We looked for a double interpretation: the three houses that represent the three partners and, at the same time, the birth of something new from this union (a home that appears from the unification of the first two).


The graphic universe was based on the architectural plant of a house, creating grid illustrations that alway appeal to the sense of space.