Agriculture for all

Agrovouga is an agricultural fair promoted by our city municipality. For many years this fair aimed essentially at the agricultural community. It had a strong strand of equipment and technology showcase where manufacturers had the opportunity to promote their products and services. Despite being open to the general public, it wasn't convincing too many people to come and see what the fair was truly about.


When our client came to us, it intended the new Agrovouga to be different.


The goal was to be more than a mere agricultural fair and more than just a product and heavy machinery showroom. We didn't want it to be an event just for people in the sector and a few curious people. We want it to be an event capable of bringing together various audiences with different interests but with a common denominator: agriculture. To attract the urban public and create a bond between different audiences.


So we developed a brand identity that was modern, fun and friendly.

But we still kept the focus on agriculture and all its amazing aspects. We worked on the Copywrite and graphic universe thinking that this event should be for farmers, chefs and foodies. For large entrepreneurs and small local producers. For those who take care of the garden in their backyard and those who go nuts with just a flowerbed on their porch.


We created a series of flat vector illustrations that could easily be put together in different scenarios, enabling us to create a coherent communication while keeping it fresh and dynamic.


The bold and vibrant colours along with the modern-looking character illustration elevated the brands' communication and were utterly appreciated by the community that felt it was finally time to refresh this loved local fair.

The illustration and patterns were applied across a wide range of collaterals, from merchandising to the venue. With rustic materials, wood stands and cardboard printed graphic universe, the overall feel of the event brought everyone together.