October 21, 2018

How to choose the right brand consultants

A good partnership with the right brand consultancy can help your business grow.


Whether you’re planning a rebrand or starting a new business.

But choosing a brand consultant can be a daunting task.

You may know you need help, but where to start looking is another matter.

To get things worst, the market is full of noise.

Now. Imagine you have a toothache.

You probably make an appointment with a dentist.

Not with a dermatologist.

Both of them work in the health industry.

But different problems require different specialists.

You know that. It’s common sense.


The same goes with the branding industry.

Different specialists for different brand needs.

Too many people announce themselves as being fit for the brand building process. Brand consultants. Graphic design studios. Freelance designers. Creative agencies. Communication agencies. Digital agencies. You name it.


Unfortunately, far too many are not cut out for this specific challenge. It’s not that they want to deceive you. They just don’t know their limitations. They don’t get the whole picture. They they don’t know what they don’t know. Despite this fact, they add great value by working on other particular brand needs.

Branding is a very demanding discipline. Not complex. Just demanding. It requires a whole balanced set of skills: strategy, creativity, design and communication.


The branding process has very different stages along the way. So you need someone who is involved throughout every step and truly understand each stage. Someone who masters the process as a whole and has the right set of skills. Someone capable of understanding your business strategy. The one that drives your company.

So, look for someone who thinks your brand’s strategy. That clarifies your brand’s challenge.

That does the right research and understands what really matters. Points direction and defines the insight around your business uniqueness. And then turn it into a purpose. Your brand’s purpose. The corner stone that defines the required brand behaviors.

Someone who builds your brand’s world. The brand identities: verbal, visual and behavioral.

Someone that writes the brand’s narrative and manifesto. That thinks in detail every touchpoint along the customer experience. That designs a beautifully crafted communication. That works with intelligence, sensitivity and precision. A unique and coherent brand that works anywhere. Someone that helps you to implement your brand with consistency and coherence. Someone that helps you to connect to your customers and users.


By now you must have narrowed your list of agencies.

We leave you a few more tips that will help to find the “chosen one”.

Book a meeting and ask to meet the people that actually will do the work.

Ask them to comment their portfolio and a case study.

Ask them to explain their methodology, in detail.

Invite them to talk about a successful project and one that didn’t go too well.

Finally ask them two questions.

The first one: “What don’t you do well?”

If they tell you they do it all, be ware. It means they don’t mind putting your business’ success at risk. A good consultant confesses their limitations. A great consultant understands that limitations create focus, and focus create value.

At last, ask them: “Are you proud of your work?”. They will probably say yes. But you will know if the answer is no.