This is Super

We are an award-winning brand consultancy that focus on launching and relaunching strategically well though brands.

We are brand consultants.

Super is a Portuguese brand consultancy agency founded by João Gilsanz Magalhães, Laura Moreira and Frederico Pompeu. We work collaboratively with our clients, launching, relaunching and managing their brands. We define strategies and create verbal and visual identities in a way that traditional design agencies and studios don’t. We turn visions and ambitions into creative actions, crafted across every touch-point. We focus on substance, not just aesthetics. We chase brand relevance, coherence and ultimately business impact for our clients. We are strategists and designers and we are passionate about what we do. While working with brands across the globe – including Europe, Asia and South America – we value a deep relationship with our clients and assist them with the development of key communication goals through a strategic process. We deliver clever solutions that we seek through creative thinking. Unlike the large tradicional communication agencies, working with Super. means you meet and work with the people who actually do the job. Direct contact with Super. creative minds means ideas flow more freely, which is important as great brands need great opinions. Our aim is to solve thorny business problems with even sharper ideas, while demonstrating wit, intelligence and boldness along the way.

What we're good at:

Brand strategy

Business analysis
Audience definition
Competitor analysis
Brand Definition
Brand Positioning & Narrative
Brand architecture
Behaviour guidelines

Brand visual identity

Symbol and Logo design
Graphic design
Typography and typeface design
Editorial Design

Brand verbal identity

Brand Voice
Tone of Voice
Tagline, Strapline
Manifestos and Brand Stories

Brand activation

Moving image & digital
Video and motion
Environmental graphics
Brand communications and advertising
Internal engagement programmes

A brand is the sum of all the
expressions through which an entity
wishes to be recognized.

Our way of working your brand.

Understanding your business.

This is the time when we get involved with you, your team and your clients. We deep dive into your business, culture, processes, dreams and aspirations. We analyze your strategy and your business model. We immerse ourselves in your world in order to get inspired and gain insight to set the foundations of your brand’s strategy.

Defining your brand’s strategy.

We work with you in a series of workshops and work sessions in order to define the brand strategy and its purpose. We will define an inspiring brand with a coherent and consistent attitude in everything that it does. This is the moment to map the customer journey and define the required touchpoints, so that the brand works everywhere.

Defining your brand’s verbal identity.

We will run a series of creative sprints and define the name for your brand. At this point we define what the brand will say and how it will say it – its brand voice and tone will be aligned with the brand’s positioning. This is also the moment to define the brand’s behaviour principles.

Defining your brand’s visual identity.

At this point we design your brand’s visual identity and graphic universe. It must be attractive and dynamic but above everything else, full of meaning. We will also define how your brand will communicate and inspire its community – customers and followers.

Making things happen.

During this stage we will work alongside with you to plan and orchestrate how the brand is shared in the right way, with the most impact, choosing the right touchpoints and the appropriate channels – brand activation events, video, motion, photography, web, editorial design, social media content, copy, etc.

Support through time.

Our work rarely ends with a final delivery. In case you need it, we will always be here to help you manage your brand and ensure that business, brand and behaviour are fully aligned.

Thanks for considering us.

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